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Three Hammers Winery

The owners of Three Hammers Winery in Lackawaxen, Rob Kobrzynski and his wife Christine Pucciarello. Photo contributed.

LACKAWAXEN - Since Three Hammers Winery opened in 2018, owners Rob Kobrzynski and his wife Christine Pucciarello along with the wine team have striven to produce wines that challenge the preconception of what a Pennsylvania wine can be. Rob says the family-owned winery prides itself on combining passion and proficiency to craft exceptional new wines on the 200-year-old estate. One of the most frequent questions the winery receives is, “Where is your vineyard?” Technically, Three Hammers Winery doesn’t own a vineyard. Instead, they work with various domestic grape growers to source superior varietals from across the country for the winery’s state-of-the-art fermentation and aging process. This enables the winery to produce the best West Coast, French-style wines in the Keystone State.

Growing season

Right now, Three Hammers Winery are in the midst of a very productive growing season, and all of the grape varieties are experiencing veraison; the beginning of the ripening process where the green berries mature to display beautiful gold or purple hues, for white and red wines respectively. In a few short weeks, Three Hammers Winery will turn their attention to the 2019 Harvest and Crush. It’s the most wonderful time of the year Rob says.

Three Hammers Winery in Lackawaxen Township. Photo contributed.

Grape selection

In order to maintain consistency and excellence in their wines, Three Hammers Winery make sure all of the grapes meet strict parameters. Rob and the staff personally visit the vineyards that Three Hammers Winery sources from and stays in close contact with grape growers to ensure high fruit quality and appropriate harvest timing. In addition to sensory queues like observing fruit color and tasting for ripeness, Three Hammers Winery relies on technology to identify the most suitable time to pick the grapes. The growers will take a portable refractometer into the vineyard and measure sugar levels. The higher the sugar, the riper the grapes Rob says. As grapes ripen, pH rises and TA levels drop. The combined values give the winemaker an excellent indication of their wine’s acidity.

Picking and Choosing

Rob has found that this “Pick and Choose” grape concept works in their favor, as they want to source only the highest quality fruit to be used in the production of the Three Hammers Wine. Rob called it an “unconventional approach to winemaking” that is equally inspired by the past and the present day, drawing on time-tested techniques and implementing new processes that are at the forefront of innovation. This combination of old and new allows Three Hammers Winery to create wines that reflect their unique origin, terroir, personality and heritage.

Rob says Three Hammers Winery will continue to update guests through emails and their social media pages with pictures and posts about the eventful harvest happenings at the Three Hammers Winery. Rob thanks the public for their continued support and feedback towards the staff, the grounds, and of course, the wines.

Three Hammers Winery is located at the intersection of Rt. 590 and Welcome Lake Road in Lackawaxen Township near Woodloch Resort, Masthope Mountain, Fawn Lake and Lake Wallenpaupack. For more information visit www.facebook.com/threehammerswinery or www.threehammerswinery.com.

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