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The Holiday DONATION Drive - How to Apply and Need for Donations

WAYNE/PIKE - The Holiday DONATION Drive strives to ensure that children in need, residing in Wayne and Pike Counties, are served by this local community effort.

Registration for recipients began November 6.

You can access the online form here. https://www.zipperjunction.org/holidaydonationdrive

  • All applications will be reviewed for consideration.

  • We may only be able to help a limited number of children.

  • The number of children we are able to assist will be based on the amount of donations received.

  • Due to the need for social distancing, physical toys will not be provided to recipients this year.

Brought to you by The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™, the vetting process has begun; but due to the pandemic The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ is expecting a greater number of applications for donations this year.

The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ encourages individuals and businesses to host their own events that will help generate monetary donations to meet the needed goal. Time is of the essence.

Any individual, entity, or business that wishes to help raise the needed funds, can assist in this effort by visiting The Holiday Donation Drive to find more information, as well as the link for the GoFundMe page hosting The Holiday Donation Drive.

For questions or to obtain more information about how you can help, call (570) 390-7066 or email Info@ZipperJunction.org

About The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™

The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ is a local non-profit organization made up of a very unique and diverse group of individuals who are driven by the common belief that we can do better as a community through hands on experiences, project based learning and physical activities. We are driven to bring a place called ZIPPER JUNCTION™ to life. The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™ was conceived, researched, designed, and is now happening! Helping someone discover their passion in life is the single most important thing, and this is to be supported and cultivated. To read more about The ZIPPER JUNCTION Project™, please visit www.ZipperJunction.org.

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