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The Highlights Foundation receives a $116K grant to support its Boyds Mills net positive project

SEEDS and The Highlights Foundation volunteer team, in the process of installing solar PV in Boyds Mill, PA. Jack Barnett (SEEDS), Garry Myers (Highlights), Jim Sanders (SEEDS), Eli Harvey (SEEDS), Eric Johnson (Highlights), George K. Brown (Highlights). Contributed.

BOYDS MILLS – The Highlights Foundation, with assistance from SEEDS of Northeastern Pennsylvania (SEEDS), has received a $116K grant to support its Boyds Mills Net Positive initiative for The Highlights Foundation campus. The gift is part of a highly competitive COVID-19 Restart Grant received from Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority (PEDA) to quickly and successfully put workers back to work and assist the Commonwealth to meet its clean energy and climate goals. The purpose of this grant is to:

● install a 70Kw solar array

● upgrade heat and air conditioning units for energy efficiency

● insulate cottages for energy conservation

● install energy management software to automate and monitor energy usage

Putting down the solar panels. Eli Harvey (SEEDS), Eric Johnson (Highlights), George K. Brown (Highlights). Contributed.

This grant will help The Highlights Foundation’s efforts to achieve its goal of net zero electricity-use on its campus. Together with the help of SEEDS volunteers, the initiative has so far completed an assessment of power consumption on its campus, an installation of internet-controlled thermostats, the implementation of various conservation practices, and installed a solar PV system on one of its leased buildings just this summer.

This grant and the projects that it will fund will also require the help of SEEDS volunteers, who are specialized in energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades. “We’re thrilled to receive this matching grant to help us move forward with our sustainable energy work,” said George Brown, executive director of The Highlights Foundation. “Thanks to help from SEEDS, we were able to identify this grant opportunity, and were well-equipped to apply for this grant based on our prior work with SEEDS.”

“SEEDS is excited to provide technical assistance and volunteers to help make the Highlights Foundation a net-positive energy campus” said Jack Barnett, SEEDS board member and solar energy advocate. “Conserving energy and producing on-site renewable electricity greatly increases the resilience and sustainability of our community and its institutions.”

For over 35 years, The Highlights Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, has been positively impacting the lives of children by amplifying the voices of storytellers who inform, educate, and inspire children to become their best selves. This is achieved through workshops and events that teach adults how to write and illustrate to children.

About SEEDS of Northeastern Pennsylvania

SEEDS (Sustainable Energy Education and Development Support) of Northeastern Pennsylvania is a nonprofit environmental education organization based in Honesdale, PA, promoting conservation, renewable energy and sustainable living in Northeastern Pennsylvania through events, forums and hands-on workshops. Since its inception, SEEDS has completed over 245 energy assessments, 8 Do-It-Yourself solar workshops and helped with more than 12 solar installations, leading to many NEPA households, nonprofits and businesses adopting solar technologies and energy conservation measures.

For more information, visit the SEEDS website www.seedsgroup.net, contact Executive Director Olga Trushina by sending an email to: Olga@SeedsGroup.net, or call 570)-245–1256.

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