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The Eldred Preserve recreated

Scott Samuelson, the COO of the Eldred Preserve stands outside of the resort that’s being rebuilt. Lifestyles photo by Katie Collins.

By Katie Collins


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ELDRED - This spring, the Eldred Preserve will open its door as a new resort with two of Sullivan County’s legacies.

Legacies reborn

On the grounds of the original Eldred Preserve, The Old Homestead Restaurant + Lounge with the Bradstan Boutique Hotel will be an entity about community, where people can “rediscover Sullivan County” since the area is a “tourism gift” with rivers and other attractions said COO Scott Samuelson.

Owned by entrepreneurs Dan and Joan Silna who frequented the businesses years ago, after Dan purchased the land in Eldred and the rights of the two entities, the “legacy property project” was born in 2016 said Samuelson. Today, each member of their original business will be involved with Samuelson managing the property, his partner and husband Eddie Dudek overseeing the Bradstan Boutique Hotel; prior owners Alice and Paul Edelmen will assist and consult with the Old Homestead Restaurant + Lounge and the Silna’s will take part in the overall management of the property, but not on a daily basis.

Together, the businesses will be reinstated in Eldred, because of the joy they once brought the Silna’s.

The Old Homestead Restaurant + Lounge

An area of The Old Homestead Restaurant + Lounge at the Eldred Preserve. Lifestyles photo by Katie Collins.

Initially located in Rock Hill, New York, The Old Homestead Restaurant + Lounge will offer a “diversified menu” that will “reflect the original steakhouse fare” with foods created by Paul Edelmen and John Botti from John’s Harvest Inn, who will share his catering talents and knowledge of farm to table foods said Samuelson. The “homestyle” foods will come from locally sourced ingredients that give the best quality served with “a lot of graciousness and love.”

A staple to The Old Homestead Restaurant’s reputation, steaks will continue to be prominent because of aging cabinets for the beef that takes weeks to become tender. People however, have been more interested in ensuring the “world famous” cinnamon raisin bread from The Old Homestead will be available Samuelson said. The bread is a popular tradition in Sullivan County, because of its size and large chunks of sugar and cinnamon.

Although new memories and experiences will be had, nostalgia won’t be dismissed with a wall in the restaurant showcasing images from the three original entities, that makes one laugh because of an advertisement for dishes costing just $9.95 or performers at the cabaret room in the bed and breakfast at the Bradstan Country Hotel and photos of staff from the businesses through the years.

A wall of memories from the original: Eldred Preserve, The Old Homestead Restaurant + Lounge and The Bradstan Country Hotel. Lifestyles photo by Katie Collins.

The Bradstan Country Hotel

The Bradstan Country Hotel was a bed and breakfast in White Lake, New York, but in its new home in Eldred it will be a boutique hotel with 28 rooms within nine buildings on the property. Now as a boutique hotel, there will be amenities and unique features that include two bathrooms with ceilings of differently sized tree branches.

A room in The Bradstan Country Hotel at the Eldred Preserve. Lifestyles photo by Katie Collins.

At the Brandstan Boutique Hotel, there will be an expanded continental breakfast buffet that will be served just as it was for nearly 30 years; offering baked casseroles, country stuffed French toast and more by Dudek who Samuelson called an “extraordinary cook and baker.”

Entertainment will occur in the events gallery at The Eldred Preserve, with cabaret like what was at the original Bradstan Country Hotel that will include comedy, varying musical genres and “variety offerings” Samuelson said. He anticipates the performances will once again, create a “personal experience” between the artist and the audience.

2018 – the beginning

Construction started in 2018, but due to delays it will open this spring, with persons already registered. Samuelson said today, the resort is a “new chapter in the book” for the many involved and will operate with the “heart and soul of the original” persons. It will be a place that owners Dan and Joan Silna are proud of, because the community will enjoy it and it’ll be “something special” in Sullivan County.

A view of the property at the Eldred Preserve while under construction. Lifestyles photo by Katie Collins.

Samuelson said the Eldred Preserve is a “little bit more complex” since it’s on the grounds of the old Eldred Preserve, with cabins and signature suites that are “distinctly different.” From when the project began, Samuelson has seen the plan become much more than it was anticipated to be, because of all that’s available on the 35 acres currently developed on the 800-acre Eldred Preserve property. The new Eldred Preserve however, can’t compare to what was Samuelson said, since the size of everything has increased; with 11 buildings that have “a lot of facets to it.”

For the community

A lifetime resident of Sullivan County, Samuelson said Dan has wanted to do something that would benefit the community for years and since he’s able to, it was time. The Eldred Preserve will be a special place because the Silna’s are providing the very best and all involved have a history amongst each other so it’s been a “crazy labor of love.”


As part of the amenities there is hiking, which includes a trail around the 65-acre Sunrise Lake on the property that’s “spectacular” said Samuelson. Along the shore are rowboats, kayaks with paddle boats, and outdoor exercise equipment offering a “whole cadre of outdoorsy” activities for guests.

Sunrise Lake is found on the property of the Eldred Preserve. Lifestyles photo by Katie Collins.

Those visiting the Eldred Preserve from metropolitan areas, will find a “peacefulness” with all of the “components of nature” unfound in any city Samuelson said. Surrounded by nature, there will be areas for wedding ceremonies, corporate weekends or a barbecue because there are “breathtaking” views from within some of the facilities.

A gift

Taking part in recreating the Eldred Preserve has been “mostly exciting” Samuelson said, since it’s been such a large project without restrictions, it’s an “extraordinary gift” that’ll welcome guests to become part of a family that’s grown with the evolution of the resort.

Together, the Eldred Preserve family wants to make it the best “possible facility it can be.”

To learn more about The Eldred Preserve visit https://theeldredpreserve.com/.

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