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Safe Haven’s Legacy Lives on in New Fund through Greater Pike

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

MILFORD - A new fund administered by the Greater Pike Community Foundation for Safe Haven of Pike County, Inc. will help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault put down roots and begin a new life.

When after 28 years, Safe Haven of Pike County, Inc, decided to permanently close their doors last fall, the domestic violence and sexual abuse prevention center (formerly known as Survivors Resources) wanted to leave more than a memory of their years of advocacy and victim support; they wanted to leave a legacy.

The Safe Haven Legacy Fund, an idea of the board of directors and former Executive Director Christina Byrne, will use the proceeds from the sale of their building on Broad Street in Milford to seed an endowment fund at Greater Pike for safe permanent housing for displaced victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Carol Witschel, the current president of the board at Safe Haven, explained, “We wanted to do something meaningful with our remaining funds… There’s an unmet need for assisting victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and other violent crimes with more safe, permanent housing as opposed to temporary shelter.”

Grant awards to assist victims of domestic violence and sexual assault with long-term housing needs will be made to eligible non-profit organizations in Pike County. The board is hoping that victims of domestic violence and sexual assault will receive assistance toward rent or mortgage payments in a permanent home of their own, or even bus fare to permanently relocate.

Greater Pike’s Executive Director, Jenni Hamill said the new fund will eventually become a recurring grant program, accepting yearly applications around the same time as the Barbara J. Buchanan Fund. “Once the Safe Haven Legacy Fund starts annually giving, Greater Pike’s Grant Committee will review applications that meet the funding requirements in much the same way as the Barbara J. Buchanan or Richard L. Snyder programs operate.” She continued that, “The Safe Haven Legacy Fund will be a nice complement

to our other grant programs as it focuses on long-term housing solutions for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault which is not something that we currently have a lot of directed funds supporting. Through this gift, the caring board, staff and volunteers of Safe Haven of Pike County ensures that these vulnerable populations will continue to receive support, even in their absence.”

To help eligible nonprofit organizations in Pike County assist victims of domestic violence and sexual assault who need permanent safe housing, go to: https://greaterpike.org/our-funds/ and scroll down for Safe Haven Legacy Fund. Donations can be made safely by credit card or electronic funds transfer from a checking account on the Greater Pike’s website.

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