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Rohman’s Pub now open

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Co-owners and sisters Meghan Rinkel and Kathleen Farrell have opened Rohman’s Pub in Shohola. Their mother Sheila Farrell first opened the restaurant more than 30 years ago and now, they’ve decided to continue the business. Lifestyles photo by Katie Collins.

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SHOHOLA - Classic, yet simple and tasty is the menu promised to be found at Rohman’s Pub in Shohola. Co-owners and sisters, Meghan Rinkel and Kathleen Farrell are operating the restaurant that their mother Sheila Farrell established more than 30 years ago.

Together, the sisters praised the menu that offers traditional pub foods, but has their mother’s own recipes. Farrell called the food “homemade cooking,” since it's simple but “delicious” with meat dishes that are Rohman’s own because of the way they’re cooked. Patrons can expect the traditional dishes to remain, while more will be added like fried Oreos and fried s’mores for dessert. Simply, with the foods, Rinkel said, “we play around.” Farrell added that the new ideas will be both “fun and different.”

Preparation is important

The simplicity of the meals is obvious Farrell said, but it's the preparation of the foods that makes the chicken, fish, pork, lamb and beef Rohman’s own. The appetizers are special, with the likes of a bruschette that has goat cheese and fig jam or the creamy clams that Sheila created. Farrell said the appetizers are not “standard,” so other unique recipes from Sheila’s cookbooks should be expected.

Working from two menus, Farrell said it's the prime rib that is Rohman’s staple food since the meat is also used for sandwiches. The meat is good, because it's about “keeping it simple” by not overcooking it and keeping it “juicy.”

Freshness and flavor

The freshness and “robust” flavor is something to be expected in the drinks since the garnishes may be simple, but the horseradish, peppers and more enhance the taste, Farrell said. It's the fresh squeezed ingredients that makes the Bloody Mary and Screwdriver specialities to the pub said Rinkel.

A local bar with rich history

The building that houses Rohman’s Pub, dates back to 1849 when the eatery was built. Located in Shohola on a sunny summer day, many motorcycles were parked outside of the business. The pub reopened its doors in June, following months of being closed because of the COVID-19. Lifestyles photo by Katie Collins.

Rinkel believes the pub’s success comes from being a local bar, but also the rich history that dates back to 1849 when the eatery was built. Art Rohman became owner in 1901 and until the early 1970s he built the business that welcomed numerous celebrities who visited the area.

Although the primary building has remained, the building survived two fires and has had aspects added, that include a manual four lane pin-setting bowling alley that’ll be open in the near future. Or, during prohibition, Rohman installed special conductor seats that attach to the bar and allow room for people to stand and sit at the bar.

A four-lane manual pin-setting bowling alley built in 1941, is located within Rohman’s Pub in Shohola. The alley is set to open in the near future. Lifestyles photo by Katie Collins.

The business is not just another bar Rinkel said, because “it’s Rohmans” where memories have been made with local patrons, and the regulars who travel from afar when they visit the area. A “family friendly” place, Rinkel has found that people enjoy sharing the history of the eatery since many generations have visited Rohman’s through the years. Now, the sisters want Rohman’s Pub to remain a family establishment where there will be bowling and birthday parties.

COVID-19 brings challenges

Due to COVID-19, precautions have been implemented at the bar as well as the tables are spaced further apart in Rohman’s Pub. Lifestyles photo by Katie Collins.

Due to COVID-19, Rohman’s Pub was closed for three months and now that Rinkel and Farrell are operating the eatery, there’s been a lot to figure out because of the “new world” that’s come from the pandemic Rinkel said. Through the years, the sisters watched their mother run the business, but the restrictions have posed new challenges that have led to most orders being take-out. Or, mix drinks and liquor can be served to go, which was not “standard” before Farrell explained. If the customers aren’t drinking on premises, the alcohol has to go in the trunks of their car. The restrictions have made it “different times now” Rinkel said.

The beginning

Knowing that her mother once ran Rohman’s with a small staff, Rinkel is clearly amazed as she’s become aware of what the job entails. The family had property in Pond Eddy and then, one day Sheila said she wanted to buy Rohman’s and that, the sisters said, was a surprise since she had been a legal secretary. And so, the family moved to the region from Beacon, New York.

Business has been good

Since opening in June, business has been good, but Farrell credits that to the summer; even though people aren’t eating out as much as they once did, concern remains since the region changes during the winter months. Once compliances aren’t a concern and there’s entertainment, Farrell is “confident” business will be busier she said.

Staying in business

Rinkel said she is staying in the business for her mom, but also Rohman’s has been a part of her life for so long that she can’t imagine it not being there. Today, she has ideas and sees “potential” for a better business with changes, such as having dining on the porch or updating the bar.

Farrell has been at the pub fulltime for 15 years, so she wasn’t interested in doing anything else. For both women, having held various positions at the restaurant over the years, being the ones to make decisions has been one of the greatest adjustments. Stepping back and having employees do the work, has been a learning experience Farrell said. For Rinkel, it's been taking the role of which her mother held for so long that’s been a task.

Patron’s support is appreciated

Maintaining the history of Rohman’s is important Rinkel said, because it's a place where people stop by and despite being closed for months, she knew once Rohman’s reopened, people would come and they have. She thanked patrons for their continued support as the sisters continue to implement the restrictions.

When people think of Rohman’s Pub, Farrell said it’s a place with “great food, great drinks” and a “great time.”

For more information, visit https://www.rohmanspub.com/?fbclid=IwAR1mSMXpCuSoN39VKA-qkPMZQ_XNy8LghW8Tx2yukdaW-qyVouzW5FhQi2U or Rohman’s Pub on Facebook.

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