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Record set in 2019 for the Holiday Toy Drive of Wayne & Pike counties

PIKE & WAYNE COUNTIES - The Holiday Toy Drive, brought to the region by The ZIPPER JUNCTION ProjectTM, set a record in 2019 by receiving over $100,000.00 in toys, gifts and monetary donations that were collected to help over 700 children whose families applied for assistance this holiday season. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the many businesses, organizations and community members who joined together to host a toy collection box or host an event sharing the proceeds with the organization, along with the many volunteers who stepped up to provide their time selflessly to make it all a success. The organization wishes to thank everyone who helped in reaching the goals of providing gifts for children living in Wayne & Pike counties.

Without the support of The Wayne County Ford & Bold Gold Media Holiday Toy Drive Challenge and everyone involved, who with the community’s support, filled the equivalent of nine pickup trucks with toys this year, this event wouldn’t have been possible. The organization would also like to thank everyone involved with The Stourbridge Line Santa Express, individuals or groups who hosted events, and the many sponsors who supported the program.

Jim Zumpone, chief visionary and founder of The ZIPPER JUNCTION ProjectTM stated, “Over 60 volunteers, aged 6 to 72, 200 plus business locations, $100,000+ in toys and donations, as well as literally thousands of miles traveled, hundreds and hundreds of hours worked, and all to bring joy to deserving kids around the holidays.

That is why we do what we do, and that is what it takes to do it. I am so indebted to everyone involved in the creation and execution of The Holiday Toy Drive of 2019. Whether their participation was a single hour of time, a single dollar donated, or an entire pickup truck full of toys donated by one very special 10 year old young lady, the communities of Wayne and Pike counties should be so thankful we have such kind and generous people living among us.”

The ZIPPER JUNCTION ProjectTM needs the support of many volunteers annually to leverage skills to effectively achieve the goals set for this event. By igniting passions in citizens of the community, The Holiday Toy Drive is only the foundation of how The ZIPPER JUNCTION ProjectTM and combined efforts of the community can guarantee they are building futures that are meaningful, positive, bright and happy for kids and neighborhoods. The organization is thankful to all who made this event the best it could be in 2019.

The Holiday Toy Drive in Wayne & Pike counties is their annual gift to the community. The ZIPPER JUNCTION ProjectTM invites everyone to consider participating in 2020 to help make a difference in the lives of the community’s children.

For more information about this year’s program, or to sign up for their newsletter to learn about all upcoming events, visit their website www.ZipperJunction.org. Please feel free to contact The ZIPPER JUNCTION ProjectTM with any questions you may have.

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