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Ready for your own place?

Many parents of young children are contemplating the life choices for their loved one with Special Needs. Many parents want to ensure their child will be happy and safe with their choices because it is a priority that the child is able to continue to work, enjoy activities in their community and be supported by their circle of friends and support network that allows them to thrive and feel loved.

On Thursday August 8, there will be an opportunity to meet with a group of individuals who will walk parents and caregivers explore options, understand how this can work and all the while keeping the preferences of their loved one’s wants and needs a priority.

Join Pike Autism Support Services and other parents for “Finally Home,” a conversation about what FINALLY HOME could mean to parents. Through FINALLY HOME, parents can receive help with: Applying for subsidies, locating affordable housing, lease language, organizing your move and so much more.

The program will be at East Stroudsburg University, Innovation Center, Room 333 Thursday, August 8. Times will be: 10:00 to 11:00 or 6:00 to 7:00. To RSVP call 610-565-5177 or MaryannM@viapa.org.

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