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Pike County Emergency Services Achievements

The Pike County Training Center recently became an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Educational Training Accredited Facility in the Commonwealth. The Training Center now holds Educational Training Agency status with the State Fire Academy and Department of Health.

The Pike County Training Center is currently offering an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course through January 16, 2021. The course is in accordance with a state approved COVID-19 protection plan.

The EMT course includes 189 hours of training covering segments such as: Foundation, Medical, Trauma, Capstone, and National Preparation.

Twenty-four (24) people have registered for the EMT course, which is the maximum class size.

Of those registrants, 16 are supported by scholarship assistance through the Pike County Emergency Services Initiative Fund (PCESI) administered by the Greater Pike Community

Foundation (GPCF). Those 16 individuals represent the following local agencies:

o Blooming Grove Fire Department

o Delaware EMS

o Hemlock Farms Fire Department

o Greeley Fire Department

o Milford Fire Department

o Lackawaxen EMS

o Matamoras Fire Department

o Westfall Fire Department

For this round of training, PCESI Funds have saved local emergency services agencies $10,400 in EMT course fees.

The PCESI Fund was made possible by founding gifts from the law firm of Weinstein, Zimmerman & Ohliger; William Lovejoy; and individuals who generously supported the recent NEPA Gives day of philanthropy. Gifts to the fund can be made online at

www.greaterpike.org or checks can be made payable to GPCF/PCESI and mailed to P.O. Box 992, Milford, PA 18337.

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