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NEPA Circle of Aunts and Uncles, Micro Lending Program at the Wayne County Community Foundation, is

NEPA - The northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA) Circle of Aunts & Uncles is a multi-generational project that provides low-interest loans and social capital to under-resourced and/or mission-driven entrepreneurs to co-create a more equitable, compassionate, sustainable, and vibrant local economy within or impacting Wayne County Pennsylvania.

Eligible Applicants:

  • Must be currently in business and have generated revenues for the prior six months.

  • Have a separate business bank account from their personal bank account.

  • The applicant (entrepreneur) will work with Aunts & Uncles and is the majority owner.

  • The entrepreneur is a US citizen (including naturalized) or resident alien.

  • The entrepreneur is at least 21 years of age.

The NEPA Circle of Aunts and Uncles loans are typically for $5,000 (up to $12,000) for three years or less, typically at 2% annual interest rate, with monthly principal and interest payments and no penalties for early repayment.

The NEPA Circle of Aunts & Uncles is partnered with the non profit Wayne County Community Foundation, which administers the Aunts & Uncles revolving loan fund and will issue these loans with support from local banks.

To learn more and to start the application process visit https://www.waynefoundation.org/funds/nepa-circle-aunts-and-uncles, or contact us via nepaauntsanduncles@gmail.com.

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