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NEPA Audubon Fall Migrant Hike

David Trently is a hike leader from the NEPA Audubon. Contributed.

HONESDALE - Now that the weather is turning cold, the birds in the northern part of the United States have begun their yearly trip South. During this season of travel, nearly 900 million birds will be migrating this week.

According to The National Audubon Society, “September is peak migration time for millions of songbirds, heading south from temperate North America to more tropical latitudes.” Species such as: orioles, warblers, sparrows, and tanagers, will be crossing through PA on their way to their winter homes.

In celebration of these migratory species, the Northeast Pennsylvania chapter of the Audubon Society will host a fall migrants hike September 19. People are welcome to get some fresh air, while marveling at the beautiful birds that fly over us each migration season.

NEPA Audubon’s John Harvey and David Trently will lead the walk, provide information and give guidance. The walk will be Saturday, September 19 at 8:30am at the Jadwin Dam in Honesdale.

Participants should park and meet at the intersection of Grimm Rd and Dug Rd, just off 191, in Honesdale. Masks are mandatory and binoculars are encouraged. Space is limited to 20 people, so be sure to email Haley Main haleymain@gmail.com to reserve your space!


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