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My 80lb. baby

Taylor sitting on the freshly cut grass

Taylor is an 80lb. four-legged baby unlike anyone I’ve ever met. Considering the many pictures I post of her, whether sporting her new winter coat, playing in her pool or just relaxing on my bed she couldn’t seem anymore like my child than if she was human.

I write this as she was resting on her bed and I look at her in amazement, remembering how our relationship started four years ago. I grew up with dogs and I’m sure to have more in the future, but she’s MY first dog and now, there’s no denying that, because I’m hers and she’s mine. If you’re a dog owner, I’m sure you know what I mean.

I think it was the ride home from the rescue center that cemented our relationship. She joined me at the age of one with so much baggage that’s it's sickening. She was completely house trained, knew the basic commands, but she’s still, to this day afraid of brooms, children’s gates, noise and men. How can someone abuse a child, a dog or anything that can’t defend themselves? I’ve read stories, seen pictures and I just don’t understand. What would you get from beating a defenseless puppy? Taylor has a scar on her nose that I can only imagine how she got, that’s there forever, and thankfully she’s not a person who can look in the mirror and see it every day.

Taylor resting on her bed

With the fireworks happening outside, not far from home I’m pleased to see that she doesn’t seem fazed and so, that reaffirms how much she’s grown and how she finally feels safe. Thinking about these last couple of years and our day to day lives, I laugh because a friend once commented that she lives better than most people and well, I have to agree. It does not matter the day I have, when I get home Taylor will greet me with a wagging tail and stuffed animal in her mouth. It’s quite funny because I had never seen a dog like stuffed animals so much.

I really do believe the expression that there are no bad dogs, only bad owners because they’re shaped by the human interaction they have. Because of that, just like children and other people they deserve love, attention and respect.

If you have photos of your four-legged family members, send them to lifesnews51@gmail for a photo gallery. In the meantime, check out the gallery of random photos of Taylor. Photos by Katie Collins.

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Going for the ball!

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