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Milford Thrift Opens & Cares Pike Chamber welcomed new Milford business

The Pike County Chamber of Commerce celebrated the opening of Milford Thrift. Contributed.

MILFORD -- The Pike County Chamber of Commerce was on hand for a grand opening last month at the new Milford Thrift on East Harford Street. The Maltsev family loves nature and the outdoors and have been enjoying coming to the Poconos, Delaware Valley, Milford and Hawley for many years. Their family purchased a property in Dingmans Ferry 11 years ago and they have been visiting on weekends and during the summer ever since.

"Milford Thrift is a family owned thrift store that cares about the planet & our community,” said owner Max Maltsev. “We believe in reusing clothing and other accessories for the better benefit of the community. Our mission is to bring quality clothing and accessories to our community at bargain prices to enable everyone to dress well without worrying about the cost.”

The Maltsevs had a clothing and dry-cleaning business in New York City, but when the pandemic began it devastated their business and their family on a personal level. At that point, they made an easy decision to permanently move to Dingmans Ferry and establish their business in Milford.

“In time, we are hoping to move closer to Milford, and identify other ways of how we can make a living and contribute to this amazing community,” added the owner.

Feel free to stop in to see the beautiful array of items in their building at 214 East Harford Street in downtown Milford or call (646) 552-3728.

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