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Local history and elder care will be enhanced because of Barbara J. Buchanan Fund

A fund in the name Barbara J. Buchanan, will award three, $1,000 grants to help support local history and the elderly with grants to the Shohola Railroad and Historical Society, the Pike County Historical Society and Growing Old Together. Contributed.

MILFORD - The Barbara J. Buchanan Fund of Greater Pike Community Foundation is pleased to announce three awards of $1,000 each will help support local history and the elderly with grants to the Shohola Railroad and Historical Society, the Pike County Historical Society and Growing Old Together.

Grant Committee Chair, Maryanne Monte said, “Barbara Buchanan’s tireless philanthropy has supported many deserving organizations, and we are honored to continue her legacy and make these awards in her memory.”

With their grant, Shohola Railroad and Historical Society (SRHS) will be able to display objects of historical interest for the public. Because many objects cannot fit in the Caboose Museum of Shohola, display cases are needed so the public can see the items year-round. The cases will be located inside the township building on Twin lakes Road. Some items to be displayed include a large ancient school bell, artifacts from the Erie Railroad, and a sample of coal most likely from Scranton transported via the Gravity Railroad to Honesdale and on to Shohola by way of the D&H Canal. SRHS member, Linda Harding-Buchman said, “We extend our sincere thanks to the Greater Pike Community Foundation for awarding SRHS this generous grant.”

The Pike County Historical Society will provide the details about 19th century transportation with an exhibit about the Delaware and Hudson Canal and Gravity Railroad. Museum Director Lori Strelecki explained, “The museum has been allowed use of a historic house which once served as Lock House 16 on the Delaware and Hudson Canal in the town of Glen Eyre. We plan on hosting outdoor events there and installing an exhibit inside the house detailing the path the Canal took through Pike County.” Two lectures already scheduled include one on May 29 with S. Robert Powell speaking about the history of the Canal and Gravity Railroad and another on June 5 with Rueben Fast Horse speaking about Lakota tradition and history.

Strelecki added, “The Pike County Historical Society is proud to receive the Barbara Buchanan Grant and know that Barbara would be happy to help us continue in our mission and keep history alive and well in all of Pike County.”

Growing Old Together (GOT), with its mission to help residents over 60 years old live independently in their homes, also received a grant. “GOT is grateful for Greater Pike Community Foundation’s support,” said President Marcia Nehemiah. “This generous grant will enable us to hire a part-time marketing specialist to help us expand our scope and area of impact.” Nehemiah said the organization currently is active in parts of Wayne, Pike and Sullivan counties. She added, “Our goal is to provide services in areas that volunteers can travel to in 30 minutes or less. To achieve that, we plan to expand outward from the areas in which we operate now. “

Online donations to the Barbara J. Buchanan Fund at Greater Pike Community Foundation can be made at https://greaterpike.org/our-funds/ Scroll down to the fund name and click on the link for making a donation.

Greater Pike helps individuals, families and local businesses to provide a permanent and personal way to give back to the community. For more information contact Jenni Hamill, executive director, at (570) 832-4686, jennihamill@greaterpike.org, or visit www.greaterpike.org and Facebook.com/GreaterPike.

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