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Local filmmaker shares insight

Christopher King, a filmmaker and founder of Endless Echo shooting a video on scene. Photo contributed.

By Katie Collins


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MILFORD - Digging for insight in order to share a story about life through videos, is something Christopher King loves to do. A filmmaker, King founded Endless Echo simply because he enjoys asking questions to learn what people are passionate about and sharing the stories with the world.

Once he obtains that insight, King said he creates an “interesting way” to tell the four minute story from what was said. The stories may be poetic or engaging, but he must “find the beauty in their words” that is highlighted with music and visuals. If able to create what he hopes, King believes the story could have the power to “touch people.”

Artistic choice

Since each story is different, King applies his own “artistic choice” in how he shoots the videos with some that have no dialogue, but highlights the experiences by watching what is happening and allowing viewers to spend time in the “calm of the movement” dependent on the scene he said.

By using a variety of lenses that enable for better closeups, King said it allows him to feel the actor’s “natural smiles” and see that their “reactions are genuine” from a distance all the while showing the “real moments between people.”

King said he doesn’t consider his filmmaking to be original because he uses standard camera techniques; but the creativity comes from how the story is shared, so viewers are “drawn into the story.”

Stories share insight

Early on in his career, King realized he needed to observe others in order to learn and from that, he was “delighted” to see what could be done with filmmaking he said. King believes his videos are their own because of the “insight” that is shared by the story, not the making of the video. Always a storyteller, King enjoys “revealing insight” that is both “interesting and meaningful.” As a filmmaker, King said he helps people tell their stories through short documentaries that connect with viewers because of their interests or a shared idea.

Endless Echoes beginning

Christopher King, a filmmaker and founder of Endless Echo at his home in Milford. Lifestyles photo by Katie Collins.

Born in France, King has been in the United States for nearly 30 years, 18 of which have been in Milford where he has raised a family. King started Endless Echo after being laid off from a marketing company, because he likes to see people enjoy his videos. Initially, King said he thought people would share his videos if they were funny, but he soon learned that “humor is the hardest,” so he made educational videos that were “interesting.”

Even before making videos for his career, King said he always enjoyed creating videos with his kids, but Endless Echo made him enhance his skills since he worked with better equipment.

King said he believes his videos are calming because the music makes it seem as if someone is “pondering” by “reflecting on what they do.” He has found though, that there are times when music doesn’t just support the person, but “adds a dimension to” their words.

Originality with each video

Authenticity is a part of King’s filmmaking he said, because he wants viewers to relate to him and perhaps realize something. Such was the case with a school that teaches alternative education, where King wanted to show the curriculum by being in the classroom and telling how the school feels students learn by exposure to natural things like dirt and rocks that can be found in the school yard. Learning in such a way, offers students the opportunity to understand the world around them.

King said he is always learning through his filmmaking, because he has to keep searching for that insight for each story, which reveals something to him. If nothing is revealed, then he does not believe the video will be interesting for viewers.

Videos, King said, are not a sales brochure, but rather insight that “taps” into a client’s “truth” that’s more interesting than a marketing message because viewers see each client’s story.

The moment he realizes the video is set, King said he loves it because each story requires nearly 100 hours from the interviews to the traveling and finally configuring the many aspects of the project.

Tinkering of words

The actors never use scripts because it robs the “authenticity” of the video, causing their words to “sound flat” if they’re reading lines King said. Words however, can be manipulated, so statements are linked by the inclusion of “but” to a sentence. By the montage of words, it enhances the “flow” of the story. He has found that by tinkering with words, it adds “depth” to what is said. When a project begins, King has a vision, but as the process moves on, the vision evolves and because of that, he feels his videos are truly “authentic.”

The videos found on King’s website, he called a “passion” because they come from something he loves to do, whether they're a personal or professional project, ultimately the videos are a “verdict” of his work. One such personal project was about GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center in Milford. https://vimeopro.com/endlessecho/portfolio/video/312763980

As of now, although he is in the midst of making a few videos, King would not share the details. So, to learn more about King and Endless Echo visit www.endlessecho.net.

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