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Life’s real “icons”

More often than not, when you turn the TV on, there’s endless stories about celebrities. I don’t understand this, because their careers and lives aren’t relative to most of society, so I don't see why their stories are important.

Recently, I read something where a celebrity was called an “icon.” I’m not shocked, but rather disappointed. While they may be committed to their careers and have to work hard, I’m sure, entertainment doesn’t compare to the first responders who stop what they’re doing to answer any and all calls of emergency. Consider the small towns around the world with mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, etc. who have committed themselves to complete strangers by volunteering their time and thus having to go through the immense amount of training to become certified first responders.

After I read the article about this “icon,” I literally laughed. Where are our priorities? How can you refer to a person as an icon because they sing songs, recite lines for a show, play sports and pose for the camera and get paid far too much an “icon?” I understand there are different role models in life, but “icon” is a strong word because you can turn the tv off, but you are unlikely to stop a fire or address a serious medical emergency without the help of a trained professional.

While at the paper, I watched the real heroes of Pike and Wayne counties in Pennsylvania spend countless hours training at the training center, in all weather conditions during their days off to ready for the next emergency they would respond to. It was a very eye-opening experience, that gave me a completely different perspective and appreciation for our local volunteer first responders.

Now, there's a shortage of these volunteer first responders in many areas for various reasonings, and so, there are departments trying an array of recruitment efforts to get volunteers that include free housing. One such example is Forest Volunteer Fire Department in Lackawaxen, who built apartments where volunteers can live for free with a few conditions. To learn more visit https://www.forestfirerescue.com/ or find them on Facebook.

I understand why people may not think about resources they haven’t needed; but, at the same time think twice before giving certain labels to some groups of people.

Everyone has an opinion and I generally don’t express mine like this, because I like writing about Taylor and other good happenings in life, but just because a person performs and shares their lives with the world through the media and social media, it doesn’t make the individual an “icon.”

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