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Laudable Libations

By Bill Deaton williamjdeaton@yahoo.com

Summer heat begs for something refreshing to quench your thirst. A bevy of beers are out there to wet your whistle with. Two solid choices are Treehouse Brewing’s Julius India Pale Ale and ShawneeCraft’s Kolsch.

Of the two, ShawneeCraft’s Kolsch is perhaps the easier to find locally in Northeastern Pennsylvania since it’s made locally in the Poconos at Shawnee-on-Delaware. It is clear, light and refreshing and keeps to the traditional style from Germany. At 5% alcohol by volume, it is at the top threshold of a session beer. Kolsch pairs well with just about any non-oily food and is an excellent accompaniment to salads and shellfish. Having a clam bake or lobster broil? Think Kolsch!

Finding Julius might be more of a task. It’s only available at the brewery in Charlton, Massachusetts. Three hours and thirty-six minutes away from Lake Wallenpaupack. To say this beer is fruity is an understatement and as part of Treehouse’s flagship line, it has been widely copied. From scent to taste it is tropical with notes of mango, peach, and passionfruit playing together in one juicy festival. It goes well with grilled salmon and can douse the flames from hot wings or spicy chili. It’s a fine dessert beer too and is a good sidekick to vanilla ice cream. At 6.8% ABV, you can enjoy a few if you stretch them out over a few hours, but it’s not suitable for drinking while mowing the lawn.

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