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Updated: Aug 7, 2019

There's more to news than politics and celebrities.

Life experiences shape people into who they are and how they present themselves to the world, so learning about folks and their lives is something I enjoyed while I was a reporter at a small-town paper in Hawley, PA for the last six years.

It’s quite something, how so many every-day persons are great individuals with their own talents and trips, that many are unaware of, but who reside in your community and share great things.

In those six years I was fortunate to share so many enlightening stories while also learning about how people make their community function! Now, I’m in the midst of searching for my next career, but in the meantime, since I’ve always liked asking questions, talking to people and knowing what’s going on, I will use this site, (my first) to share those stories and many others by contributors, because there is always something to learn thanks to the unique, dedicated and talented folks in your neighborhood.

You can also check me out on Twitter @Lifestyles51.

Thanks, Katie Collins

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