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Greater Pike welcomes two new board members

MILFORD - Greater Pike Community Foundation has announced two recent appointments to its Board of Directors: Rebecca Lindsey and Karen Haycox.

Board Chair Jim Pedranti said the new board members, “bring a wealth of expertise and leadership experience to our team. We are pleased they will help Greater Pike continue to fulfill its mission of facilitating community philanthropy.”

Rebecca Lindsey practiced law full time for 20 years and currently does pro bono work for charitable organizations. She is no stranger to Milford or to philanthropy in Pike County; she has served on the boards of several local community nonprofits, including the Pike County Public Library and Green Trees Early Learning Center. She has also been a supporter of the Milford Readers & Writers Festival, the Milford Enhancement Committee and the Newton Hospital Foundation.

Noting that private philanthropy plays an important role in this country, Lindsey said, “Not everybody can help, but those of us who have that luxury should.” She gives a nod to Greater Pike Community Foundation’s role in philanthropy, explaining “Greater Pike can leverage quantity to make more of a difference… and conduct the due diligence of vetting the nonprofits that receive grants.”

Lindsey and her family are Milford residents. She noted, “We’ve enjoyed being part of this community and hope that by participating as a Greater Pike Foundation board member, the Foundation will continue to make the community even stronger than it is.”

As CEO of Habitat for Humanity in New York City, Karen Haycox has a good deal of experience in the nonprofit world, covering corporate, individual and foundation giving. Haycox said, “I knew about the work of Greater Pike Community Foundation and followed it with interest.” Haycox hopes “to engage contributors and spread awareness to new constituencies about how they may partner with the Foundation.” From her work with various organizations, she is also in a great position to help allocate funds to the most deserving nonprofits.

Haycox splits her time between Jersey City and a home in Shohola, with the latter venue becoming more compelling and potentially permanent. “It’s a perfect balance to life in New York City. It suits my soul to be out in the woods with my dog.” She is looking forward to her involvement at Greater Pike, explaining, “I feel profoundly honored and grateful to be part of such a great group. It’s so important, arguably now more than ever, for each of us to be engaged and responsible in the communities we call home.”

The Greater Pike Community Foundation was created to enable generous individuals, families and local businesses to maximize their charitable support through organized, targeted, long-term community philanthropy. For more information, contact Jenni Hamill, executive director at (570) 832-4686, jennihamill@greaterpike.org, or visit our website at www.greaterpike.org and Facebook.com/GreaterPike.

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