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Grants from Greater Pike awarded to nonprofits in the county

MILFORD -The Greater Pike Community Foundation has been awarded $22,000 in grants from the Richard L. Snyder Fund that will assist six nonprofits in the region.

This initial round of funding has been dedicated to helping address the COVID crisis in the greater Pike County area.

The grant recipients include: GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center, Pike County Public Library, Green Trees Early Learning Center, Pike County Hands of Hope, Pike County Historical Society and Wayne Pike Adult Literacy.

At the Pike County Public Library, the funding will be going towards fine forgiveness for patrons for overdue items July 1 to August 31. Executive Director Rose Chiocchi said she is glad that The Greater Pike Community Foundation has invested in this idea so that patrons will not have the “financial burden of possible late fees.”

Pike County Historical Society Museum Director Lori Strelecki also expressed appreciation, because the museum hasn’t had revenue due to the mandatory shut down, even though the rest of the county has begun to re-open, “museums still remain shuttered,” so the support is much needed.

Jenni Hamill, Greater Pike’s executive director said, “Supporting local nonprofit organizations in a variety of ways is important to us and improves everyone’s quality of life during this difficult time. We are glad that the Richard L. Snyder fund has been able to help

community organizations to stay afloat until they can begin operating normally again.”

Applications for a second round of grants from the Richard L Snyder Fund—for non-COVID related projects—will be considered until July 31. For information on that, or to make a donation, visit greaterpike.org.

The Greater Pike Community Foundation helps individuals, families and local businesses to provide a permanent and personal way to give back to the community. For information on the different kinds of funds, visit https://greaterpike.org/1-create-a-fund/ or contact Jenni

Hamill at jennihamill@greaterpike.org

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