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Evening canaries will soon sleep

Since there is no longer rock turning in my activities, a cellphone image of the bright moon with a few stars above the trees is always nice. Lifestyles photo by Katie Collins.

By Katie Collins


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LIFE - Soon, our evening canaries will leave the evenings dark and quieter. Summer is over and that’s okay, but there’s some aspects of the season that are special. One such difference is that of the music made by crickets.

I’ve lived in the country my entire life and the sounds of nature, at all hours are peaceful because no matter the animal, the sounds have a purpose, it’s not just noise. I like quiet. I really like quiet. But, exceptions can be made for the noise made by nature’s wonders.

Some nights, because of their deep conversations I can hear owls with the windows closed. I know nothing more about owls, than most are nocturnal and able to turn their heads because of their flexible necks. Tell me, that’s not cool.

As a kid I remember flipping rocks and finding the crickets, thinking nothing about what role they play in the ecosystem. Today, as I’ve learned more about what can be found under rocks, I laugh at being so naive. Considering however, how tiny crickets are, it’s fascinating to know how they make enough noise to fill the night. And yet, come spring there will be new crickets since the others will die in the winter, only leaving their eggs behind.

Although it will be colder, once the evening canaries are silent, the same moon will shine with nothing more than stars and darkness abound, but the peace that comes of the silence doesn’t compare to that of the crickets. So, even though nights are colder now, it’s a good time to appreciate the crickets while they’re still singing their songs.

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