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Easy Sipping Summer Drinks

Super Session 8 from Lawson’s Finest Liquids in Waitsfield, VT. Photo by Bill Deaton

By Bill Deaton williamjdeaton@yahoo.com

One of the downsides to craft beer is that it tends to have a higher than average alcohol content.

OK…maybe that’s not a bad thing, but it definitely is an issue if you want to imbibe more than one or two and then need to function coherently or at least don’t want to feel wrecked in the morning. Enter the session ale. Tasty beer without the booze! A solid choice, if you are able to procure this potent potable, is Super Session 8 from Lawson’s Finest Liquids in Waitsfield, VT. Brewed with only Mosaic hops, and just 4.8% ABV, this delicious treat is juicy in flavor and light enough to enjoy several. A fairly new hybrid hops, Mosaic appeals to a broad range of tastes. Some find it fruity while others can taste the evergreen Simcoe and herbal Nugget notes of its ancestry. Super Session 8’s sipability and broad flavor range make it the perfect accompaniment to just about any dinnertime dish.

Admittedly, sometimes you just don’t want a beer. Even though “summer shandys” a blend of beer and some other juice or soft drink have gained popularity over the last several years, as have a number of malt beverages usually containing the adjective “hard” in its moniker. The alternate to those alternates, is cider. Two decades ago, there were only a handful of cideries producing at a volume that was capable of large distribution. Two decades later scores of cider makers have been able to bring their craft beverages to the market. Infusing other flavors into the traditional apple and pear varieties has taken off too. One of the most unique summery cider is Salt & Sand produced by the Graft cidery from Newburgh, NY. At 6.9% it does have a bit of a punch. It’ll also make your lips pucker. A sour style cider, the addition of citrus flavor kicks it up a notch and for another zap to the tongue, a dash of smoked sea salt that gives it a margarita-esque feel. It’s probably best served as a standalone drink good for poolside sipping but could pair well with a Caribbean or Latin American pork, chicken, or seafood meal.

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