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Deer do fly

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

A funny memory now, not then.

Deer do fly. Did you know? I discovered this one evening on my way home from work. It was a bit of a surprise, because I’ve lived amongst deer my entire life and the road signs depicting deer flying across the road seemed foolish. Plus, there were the ones that had obviously been hit, but I pictured them running in front of the cars, not flying across windshields.

I bring this up now, because the photo appeared in my Facebook memories and I think back to that flying deer and my poor jeep and my dad’s response. It’s funny now, but it wasn’t then because I wasn’t concerned with the deer, a little about the car, but more than anything what would my dad have to say?

My dad was a phenomenal father, but there were times he made some things, appear oh so easy, and driving was one of them. I say this, in part because he had a CDL license and I never saw him hit anything, although he did share stories when he was young and dumb, so I couldn’t imagine what he’d have to say. He wasn’t one to yell, he did lecture, but what would he say?

I don’t recall exactly how I broke the news, but since it occurred in July when I returned home and it was still daylight, I can only imagine how I overthought how to bring the instance up. Lying didn’t enter my mind, because we had an honest relationship and, if you looked at the car what lie could possibly explain the damage?

Today, I laugh at this photo because all I remember from the conversation was his asking me, “what did I tell you?” I had no idea. He often had lessons to share and when it came to driving, I couldn’t even imagine. Now, simply, he said, “Don’t hit shit.” I laughed then and today because it was a very surprising answer, in part because he was not one to curse, but it was also the perfect way to phrase his point. Nothing beats a father’s wisdom.

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Katie Collins

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