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Coney Island came to Shohola

A blend of characters walked in the second annual Coney Island Parade Saturday in Shohola together outside of the Artists’ Market. Lifestyles photo by Katie Collins

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SHOHOLA – A parade of characters made their way through the streets of Shohola to celebrate Coney Island and the 50th anniversary of Woodstock Saturday.

This was the second year for the family fun event, that originated after organizer and an artist, Rose Chateau noticed a “little spark of Coney Island” at the Artists’ Market Community Center in Shohola she said. The day, was a chance to bring the “magic of Coney Island” to the area.

A few of the Coney Island parade walkers Saturday. Lifestyles photo by Katie Collins

The parade was its own however, since there were the traditional mermaids along with hippies, side show characters and dogs. Having been involved with the Artists’ Market for several years now, Chateau said the gallery offers people a chance to be involved and interact with others, which was shown through the parade and the various forms of art that reflected the iconic destination that was on display. With time, she would like the day to grow and more people involved because she promises there to be lot of “surprises” since it is a “magical” day.

A green creature, CC Monster made his way through the streets during the parade with a hippie mermaid Mef Gannon. When developing a character, CC tries to be frugal while also creative he said, because he likes having a good idea and “running with it.” Afterwards, Gannon noted how they had to replace the lawn ornaments that CC included in his attire, since they were borrowed for his costume.

Gannon called herself a hippie with an ode to a mermaid, because the costume came together with whatever was in her closet that “draped nicely.” The goal of the parade and overall event is to be creative while also to interest others.

A sideshow character, James Bajda traveled along the route on a miniature bicycle. Bajda said it took a lot of practice before he was able to ride the tiny bicycle well. In addition to riding the tiny two-wheeler, Bajda demonstrated how to juggle swords and eat fire, leaving onlookers in surprise. Bringing Coney Island to Shohola was special he said, because there is a “magic” to the entertainment destination.

At a Coney Island celebration in Shohola Saturday, a sideshow character, James Bajda ate fire. Lifestyles photo by Katie Collins

For more information about the Artists’ Market Community Center visit http://artistsmarketcc.com/.

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