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Computers are just boxes, without the internet

A recent power outage left the internet inaccessible.

By Katie Collins lifesnews51@gmail.com

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Before the internet, the computer was basically a box that offered the game of solitaire. Today, my laptop doesn’t have that and although there are other card games, I can’t find a game comparable to the ease that came with that classic time-consuming option.

WiFi has brought the internet to a level I doubt most who aren’t in the computer industry ever envisioned. Part of the greatness of the internet is that it’s an open window to the world in a matter of seconds. Before WiFi there was the dial up, but that’s so long ago that many today may not recall it.

With the large box, to fix problems you hit control, alt and delete; today’s computer requires another level of knowledge. I think the ability to fix computers is a skill you either have or don’t. I don’t. So, when I get a popup that says “Your device needs to restart to install updates. Select a time to restart.” What do I do? I have antivirus protection, but yet, you hear of the hackers and viruses, so who is there to trust? I’m content with the current programs, so I’ll keep the computer as is now.

Then, there’s the matter of when the internet isn’t working and that’s beyond frustrating since the computer has no other purpose besides checking social media, emails and reading the news. Living in a rural area I’m accustomed to access being a problem when not at home, but when at home there’s no excuse for it; especially when I have something that needs to be done.

Most recently, when the weather was poor the internet stopped working, so I had no choice but to find something else to do because there were no stories to write and the laptop doesn’t have solitaire. I went to bed earlier than I have in ages. Even though it seems the internet offers endless topics and presents insight to activities one may not otherwise consider, it’s far more complex and tiring than that large antiquated box. The simplicity of the box is almost worth missing because there is no window to the viruses and garbage found online.

It seems like a win/lose matter because of the internet’s role in life today; consider the present pandemic and the many who are working from home. What would they do if not for the internet? My dad always said if you can drive a truck, you’ll always have a job. That is true if you think about it, because items will always have to be transported, first responders need to drive the ambulance or oil must be delivered in order to heat some homes. The newspaper can still be printed, but it won’t be as timely and emails won’t happen.

So, while I’m able to post this story online and process press releases, I’m at ease for the time being. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that the weather remains calm and it won’t affect my ability to do as I please to spend my time.

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