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Cellphones yesterday and today

An old flip phone, next to a fairly present smartphone. Lifestyles photo.

By Katie Collins lifesnews51@gmail.com Follow Katie @Lifestyles51

LIFE – Its true, time does go faster as you get older. But now, as the time continues to fly by, with the help of social media it’s often hard to forget and move on from all matters that once were the trend of that period. This, I’ve found, leaves people to compare what was and what is happening in the world today, which can be interesting.

Recently, a friend posted about some kids’ surprise that there was a cost per text when teens in the 90s used this golden form of communication. This led me to recall what cellphones were like in the 90s and how large and complicated they looked on TV and even in the early 2000s. Now, looking at the minicomputers we use to call, connect with the world and play games and so much more, is amazing.

I didn’t get my first smartphone by choice. Instead, I settled because the flip phones were becoming a thing of the past and I realized I had no choice but to accept the upgrade and get an android. It was cool, but big. Too big really, because I’m not one to carry a bag. I got used to it though, because I saw the advantages of this new device.

Aside from the phone’s size, I wasn’t crazy that it didn’t bounce as well as the flip phone when it fell. It’s funny now, thinking about how much more cautious I am, since the smartphones seem so delicate, especially considering the costly screen protectors. I get it, but the cost is far too much.

Looking at the flip phone and comparing it to the smartphone before me, the difference is a reminder at how technology was once, much simpler, because I don’t recall questioning if I’d press the wrong button and need help from the salesman at the Verzion store to fix something. Just calling someone was easy and the battery seemed to last much longer. Plus, there wasn’t fear for the phone getting a virus since it wasn’t a computer too.

While both phones have made communicating faster, it’s still not easier because in person conversations offer so much more when you can actually see how a person responds to what’s said. Just seeing the response, can change the entire tone of the discussion. For that reason, I believe interpersonal communication remains essential.

Cellphones aside, I hope the landline does not disappear, because reception is an additional concern considering that I live in the woods and I always will, where service is catchy and rarely exist. There’s a sense of security to having a landline that I hope will not be disregarded, as the smartphone continues to evolve.

Change can be good and bad, but sometimes, it’s important to consider the benefits of the old and hope some will stay with the new. Looking at the pictured flip phone from the early 2000s, it’d be great if the phone can go back to being this size. I could live without the videos and the photos, but I do enjoy surfing the net and playing games. I guess there’s really no win/win, just a matter of settling and accepting the latest since the technology will continue to evolve without question of one’s preferences.

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