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Big Eddy Film Festival Announces 2019 Audience Award Winner - Martha: A Picture Story

Martha Cooper is the Big Eddy Film Festival’s 2019 Audience Award Winner. Photo contributed.

NARROWSBURG – Delaware Valley Arts Alliance has announced the 2019 Big Eddy Film Festival Audience Award winner. Selena Miles’ bio pic MARTHA: A PICTURE STORY received the highest rating at their 8th annual event. The Audience Award is determined by audience voting during the festival. This is the fourth year that Big Eddy has given this award.

In the 1970’s, as the boroughs of New York City burned, Martha Cooper worked as a photographer for the New York Post, seeking images of creativity and play where others saw crime and poverty. As a result, she captured some of the first images of New York graffiti, at a time when the city had declared war on this new culture. Cooper and her co-author Henry Chalfant compiled these images into the book Subway Art. However, the commercial failure of the book forced Cooper to leave graffiti behind, moving on to document many other hidden cultures of New York. MARTHA: A PICTURE STORY functions as testament to a female artist who broke new pictorial ground highlighting a grassroots art movement that was later embraced by mainstream culture, while remaining steadfast to be recognized on as more than just a graffiti photographer.

The 8th annual Big Eddy Film Festival took place September 20 – 22 at the Narrowsburg Union and Tusten Theatre in Narrowsburg, NY.

Produced by Delaware Valley Arts Alliance of Narrowsburg, NY (DVAA), the Big Eddy Film Festival aims to advance the traditional art of storytelling by showing the newest and best independent films from around the world and our own backyard. Visit www.BigEddyFilmFest.com.

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