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A New Greater Pike Fund will help preserve Milford’s historic charm

View of Milford from the Knob. Contributed.

MILFORD - A new fund established by the Milford Enhancement Committee (MEC) at Greater Pike Community Foundation will give the organization a strategy to fulfill its mission in perpetuity.

The Milford Enhancement Committee Maintenance Endowment is dedicated to maintaining Milford’s streetscapes and public spaces and will help protect Milford’s historic appeal.

MEC President and Milford Mayor, Sean Strub, said the endowment will provide an ongoing funding stream, which has been a long-term goal of the MEC as it continues its work. He noted, “Having a reliable source of maintenance funding each year will help keep Milford’s streetscapes and open spaces in great condition, helping to make Milford a better place to live, visit or do business.”

Greater Pike Executive Director, Jenni Hamill, congratulated the MEC on its move and recommended all local nonprofits consider an organizational endowment fund. “It is a fundraising tool that offers financial stability,” Hamill said. “Income will continue to grow and can be used for operations, special projects or other needs. It also builds confidence among existing and potential donors that the organization has a strategy for long-term growth.”

Greater Pike has different options designed for non-profits considering opening their own endowment fund and Hamill added, “I would be happy to speak more about this with anyone who would like more information.”

Strub said those who love Milford now have a way to donate “to make sure future generations benefit from our work today, as we have from those with a similar vision from years ago.”

Online donations to the Milford Enhancement Committee Maintenance Endowment can be made at https://greaterpike.org/fund_list/ Scroll down to the fund name for the link Greater Pike helps individuals, families, and local businesses to provide a permanent and personal way to give back to the community.

For more information contact Jenni Hamill, executive director, at (570) 832-4686, jennihamill@greaterpike.org, or visit www.greaterpike.org and Facebook.com/GreaterPike.

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