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This mower bares some bumps and bruises from its 20 plus years mowing the family grass. Lifestyles photo by Katie Collins.

It’s interesting to think how perspectives change once adulthood comes. As a kid, I would watch my dad work hard to maintain our house and the property. I didn’t think much of it, or understand it because I didn’t have to. There was a time, that he used a push mower and when he got older, he finally bought a riding mower. It’s amazing that he didn’t do so, much sooner. He wasn’t frugal, but I don’t think he saw the need because he was able to push without trouble.

As a kid, I never thought about the difference a riding mower would make to cut an acre of grass that’s not on flat land, had hidden rocks, countless tree roots and who knows what else spread about the property. Now that I cut the grass, I appreciate how this mower offers an immense ease of the task because although it’s only an acre of property, it seems larger when you’re on foot, looking at it and have a task to complete.

This is the time of year when families and children are doing this or that outside of their homes. As a child, not leaving my toys in the yard was a chore that was more of an inconvenience than logical. What was the big deal? Now I get it. What a difference a yard free of toys makes to one that’s cluttered with toys. He would say, if I could bring the toys out, there’s no reason I couldn’t put them away. I agree now.

My parents worked hard for everything that they had, and I see now, having worked and having chores that cutting the grass and keeping the yard clutter free is an easy way to take pride in what I have. Cutting the grass is a simple concept and while there may be small snags, whether if it was with a push mower or a riding mower nothing looks as good as a freshly cut lawn.

Thanks, Katie Collins

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