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“84 Hour Holiday Reception”

“Pangu Separates the Yin from the Yang” from the Chinese Creation Story. Contributed.

BARRYVILLE/SHOHOLA: Most receptions for art exhibits last between 2 and 4 hours, but in these crazy times, Artists’ Market Community Center has scheduled an “84 Hour Holiday Reception.”

“In the past, AMCC has had huge Holiday parties that lasted for two hours,” explained Nick Roes of the Barryville Area Arts Association.

“This year, to adjust to the latest current events, we’ll be hosting a much longer reception, so people can enjoy what we have to offer in smaller, safer groups.”

The unusually long reception is from 9:30 - 3:3 every weekend from now until the end of the year. The same types of refreshments, discussions, and entertainment will be available, for a few people at a time, that have been available during the larger, shorter receptions of previous years.

On display are two standing exhibits. “The Story of Christmas in Classic Art” includes 10 images created from 1335 through 1643, beginning with Fra Angelico’s “The Annunciation” (1440), when an angel delivers the news that Mary is pregnant. The display follows the story all the way through, ending with Orazio Gentileschi’s 1626 masterpiece, “Rest on the Flight to Egypt”, showing the holy family fugitives, hiding from Herod on their way home.

Another exhibit, “Creation Stories from Around the World” includes artistic depictions of Native American, Ancient Egyptian, Hindu, Babylonian, Chinese, Ancient Greek, and Islamic creation stories. Two images feature the Chinese Creation Story of how the universe began as a big, black cosmic egg. The egg gave birth to Pangu, who, in one stunning image, is separating the Yin from the Yang with an axe.

“Holiday Chairs,” a Holiday card from a set of ten created by local artist Kurt Kreider. Contributed.

Also, on display are artwork and holiday gift items created by local artists. Everyone who stops in during the “84 Hour Reception” will receive a free gift of Holiday, cards created by local artists. Complimentary food and beverages will be available throughout, and, upon request, staff on duty will provide live entertainment.

The “84 Hour Holiday Reception” is at the Artists’ Market Community Center, 114 Richardson Avenue, Shohola, PA from 9:30 - 3:30 weekends, through December 27.

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